About Us



Global Pageant is a sister company of Adwait Global Media & Creation. The aim of Global Pageant organization is to empower women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their best in all spheres of life. A confident woman has the power to make real changes, starting from within her local community with the potential to reach a global audience. Global Pageant encourages every woman to get out of her shell, be herself and continue to show the world what it means to be a “CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN”.

This is a company run by women for the women. It is built on the foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity. Our mission is to give women a tool, which would help them to be their personal best.




Global Pageants will be held in 13 states across the nation with thousands of women participating in it to change their life for good. Global Pageant shall take the contest to National and International level in the coming years for the participants to showcase the highest of the ideals: a combination of beauty, grace and intelligence. The Vision of Global Pageant is driven by the potential and capacity of the empowered married women; she is a leader, she is ambitious, ready to take on responsibilities and focused on changing the world around her.



Mrs. Queen of India was developed to have higher standards than other pageant systems. The focus behind this is to create a platform for all married women above the age of 21, including divorced/widowed women to showcase their inner beauty, confidence and achievements. We are not looking for models, we groom to create role models. All single mothers or women entrepreneurs or anyone who accepts challenging roles to fulfill her needs and become financially independent are welcome. Our mission is to provide each contestant an experience of a life time and the opportunity to create lifelong friends. We promise all contestants a fair and an honest competition.


Women in every step of life

Poise, inward beauty and confidence are the keys to success in pageantry and everyday life. Global Pageant will be providing 1 year free consultancy to not just the winners but all the participants of the pageant. Our one-on-one services are tailored to meet the specific need of each contestant in whichever field they want to grow in; be it a business model or in providing exposure and platform to showcase the inner talent.

Global Purpose

Mrs. Queen of India is the foremost empowerment platform for married women beyond beauty. We have developed a consultancy program that will have positive and effective approach on all the participants to develop themselves mentally and physically for the life after the pageant. The energizing sessions would be insightful and would stimulate participants to unleash their innate energies, fulfill their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence. Apart from providing investment, connections and a dedicated team, we shall teach them how to harness the excitement and nerves that accompanies after the pageant competition. We shall provide a plethora of life skills: everything they need to know about enhancing their personality, polishing social etiquette, being articulate, perfecting their style of dressing and the independence to mould the life of their choice. The key to appearing confident, knowledgeable and in control of your life is being prepared for each phase of competition. We shall improve the image in a way that unanimously stands out in the crowd.

The purpose and perks delivered by Global Pageant-

  • Providing a platform for women across 13 states in the nation.
  • Foreign trip to the winners of the Pageant.
  • International Platform to promote beauty, culture and showcase their talents.
  • Grooming the participants in their field of choice: a business model or a platform to showcase their inner talent.
  • Sponsor the social activities and networking of the contestants for 1 year.
  • Portfolio shoots and image consultancy for 1 year.