Queen of India

Mrs. Queen of India is more than just a usual beauty with brain contest. This pageant is a search for the MODERN MARRIED INDIAN WOMEN whose traditional beauty and grace are further enhanced by intelligence and sensitivity, as well as energy and resourcefulness in the contemporary context.

The pageant will be touring across North and Eastern states which would be further segregated into State Auditions and State Crowning in each state. Mrs. Queen of India 2019 is the 1st Edition of Global Pageant Initiative. It sets its path from state crowning this year, with India crowning and International crowning in the years ahead.

The intention behind the event is to recognize the contribution of a woman to her community, her country and the modern contemporary life.

“Being in a pageant is not just about beauty. It’s more about service to the community and being a role model and making a difference. It’s being proud of your city. It’s all what you put into it.”

Be a role model and inspire your kids and be the Voice of your Community.